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Divorce Workshop

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Divorce and family law litigation tears at the very fabric of our community.  We want to repair the tear in our community. The Divorce Workshop is for those who are going into or are currently involved in divorce or family law litigation.  Timothy R. Ash is an attorney specializing in divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, change in domicile or other family matters. Ash says, “I do not charge for this workshop. I want to provide hope and healing to everyone.” We advocate love, forgiveness and integrity throughout the litigation process. Individuals who apply these unconventional and unique emotions become complete with their divorce. Ash says, “this process provides clarity to decision making and reduces litigation costs while improving relationships.” This workshop requires you to get out of your comfort zone and explore new ways of thinking.

A New Way of Thinking

You will learn how love can be a very powerful ally in your litigation. Love extinguishes hate as does light extinguish darkness. This fundamental truth may not be easily understood during the raging battle of:  a property dispute; spousal support; custody; changing domicile of the children; or other areas that are aggressively contested in a divorce. In love we can look at any situation with absolute clarity. This approach is simple, but it is not easy. When your blood is boiling and anger overtakes your emotions then love is the hardest to find. Hate naturally flows from hurt and suffering caused by your divorce. Becoming aware of this fact is the start. You must aggressively fight off your desire to hate. You do this through love! Love is often misunderstood. Love is the absent of hate. When you apply love you are defeating hate and providing yourself with freedom.

You will learn the importance of forgiveness and the freedom it provides. When you do not forgive, it is like you are drinking the poison and expecting the person you won’t forgive to die. However, it is you who is suffering over and over again. This is why so many people do not become complete with their divorce. So many people remain bitter about their divorce even though many years have passed. This is un-forgiveness buried deep and seeping out whenever they are reminded of their divorce, or divorces. Our natural desire is to say that my spouse does not deserve my forgiveness. Aggressively fighting the emotion of un-forgiveness and recognizing the gift of forgiveness provides healing.

Discover the Power of Your Word

You will discover that being your word, or in integrity is power. If you want to be powerful in your divorce or family law litigation, learn to be your word. Recognize when you are not being as you say. A natural tendency is to deceive, thinking it will help the situation. However, many times it backfires, but more importantly each time we are not our word we lose power. The Divorce WorkShop explores this hidden power.


We challenge you to joins us in the movement to bring love, forgiveness and integrity to your broken relationship. Let us assist you in bringing hope and healing into your broken divorce or family law situation. Call today.