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Welcome to a different divorce and family law experience. We consider it a privilege to represent you and desire to earn your trust. Hope and healing starts here! Our representation is unique and unconventional. Our focus is on your best interest, not emotionally driven short-term desires. We advocate love rather than your hate. We advocate forgiveness which will bring healing to your broken relationship. Whether you are in Oakland County, Wayne County or any surrounding county we consider it our privilege to serve you.


There is a cancer destroying our communities in Farmington Hills, Southfield, Northville, and throughout the State of Michigan. This cancer eats away at our families and our relationships. The cancer is hate caused by broken relationships and un-forgiveness. Many divorces end bitterly. Unfortunately, our culture encourages fighting, winning, getting even, and getting the rights you deserve as a way of healing our suffering and pain. The desire to destroy, belittle and berate does not have to be part of the process. ENOUGH! It is time to say ENOUGH!! Change starts with US! Our vision is to transform our divorce communities by standing for a new way of advocating. Standing for a greater vison requires sacrifice and courage. We are committed to coming along side you and offer you the possibility of becoming complete with your divorce. Our vision is to transform our divorce communities by standing for a new way of advocating.


Hire a lawyer you TRUST. Today’s attorneys focus on how much you can afford to pay. A common saying in law school was, “you’re entitled to as much justice as you can afford.” Our pricing is innovative, creative and centered on your willingness to engage in a different approach. We will stand with you, not over you and we will model love, forgiveness and integrity throughout the litigation process. Saying what we do and doing what we say is what you can TRUST when you hire Ash & Ash Legal Group.


Hate naturally flows from pain and suffering. Envy and jealousy can lead us down a path of many regrets. Regrets destroy relationship and cause us to erect walls or barriers preventing reconciliation. We carry these regrets over our shoulder like a 100-pound sack of stinky, smelly garbage. The worst part is that we get comfortable with the burdens of our garbage and the smell becomes bearable. This bag of garbage is toxic to our lives. Live life DIFFERENT! Free yourself through love, forgiveness and integrity. Hope & healing are in your future, let us help.


If you are about to enter the emotional battlefield of divorce or any family law litigation “take a deep breath” and trust us for the next steps. A better life is around the corner when you focus on things greater than the hatred and unforgiveness inherent in your break-up. Love and forgiveness allows clear and objective thinking. You will be able to lift others up rather than tearing them down. Do not be that bitter person always and forever telling anyone who will listen that their divorce destroyed them; learn to love, forgive and be in integrity. We advocate becoming complete in your divorce. The litigation process does not have to destroy you. You deserve HOPE & HEALING for a bright new future. We are Ash & Ash Legal Group and we would be both honored and privileged to be your support TEAM.