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A Divorce, Custody and Family Law Firm You can TRUST.  For over 23 years, we have specialized in difficult and complex family law matters.  We have gained a reputation of strength and effectiveness among our clients and their families.  Our experience provides you with the confidence to maneuver through your divorce or family law proceeding to reach new heights.


Divorce and family law tears at the very fabric of our community.  Timothy R. Ash is an Attorney specializing in divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, change in domicile or other family law matters. We want our clients to discover how love, forgiveness and integrity can provide better clarity and decision making, while reducing litigation costs and improving relationships. Applying these principals will allow you to become complete with your divorce so that you are free to heal. Healing allows you to have hopes and dreams.

Different Experience

Divorce, custody and family law attorneys focus on client’s emotions leading to self-centered and unrealistic expectations.  Individuals facing divorce and family litigation are emotionally vulnerable and are often taken advantage of.  We realize your emotional vulnerability during this very difficult time and focus you on what is truly important; the well-being of you and your family.

Our firm inspires hope and healing throughout your litigation. We advocate love, forgiveness and integrity as opposed to anger, bitterness, revenge and un-forgiveness.  Family lawyers promise self-centered desires which increase litigation costs and cause long term emotional harm.  We advocate that our clients fight against the emotional storm and steer clear of the damaging and often irreparable long term harm that can result from the divorce or family law litigation process.


You let go of the need to change the past

You let go of the need to blame yourself or another for the past action or inaction.

Recognize that the past will not shape your future

You will not let your past hurts define you

Forgive as you have been forgiven


A lot of information exists about laws and procedures for divorce, custody, child support, parenting time and all types of family law situations. Ash Legal Group provides knowledgeable representation that allows You to engineer through the most difficult factual and legal situations. We have a strong reputation for improving the lives of our clients. Each client is as unique as their fingerprint. We focus on the client’s inner-self, as opposed to material priorities. Inner strength will equip You to navigate the troubled waters of divorce and family law matters.

A winning strategy for divorce or family law proceedings includes:

  • Enlarge your vision about the litigation. The divorce or family law matter is not just about you. You must consider your children, your spouse and others touching your life.
  • Consider your self-image. During litigation we become insecure and defensive. It is important that you fight through feelings of insecurity and develop a strong and healthy self-image.
  • Discover the power of your thoughts and words. Emotions are high and cause negative and destructive thoughts and words, leaving extensive and lasting injury. Intentionally focusing on positive expression will change everything.
  • Let go of the past. Litigation can cause parties to rehash old wounds. Continually addressing past mistakes is a breeding ground for pain and suffering for you, your children and everyone in your life. Don’t let past hurts define your future.
  • Learn to stand strong against adversity. Life can get overwhelming in a hurry. Our first response is to feel sorry about our circumstances resulting in self-destructive behavior. A selfless understanding of your circumstances and consideration for other points of view allowing you to take back control and prevent feelings of hopelessness. Overcoming your circumstances requires a strong vision for your future.
  • Choose to be happy. You can decide your attitude. Rather than drifting into a negative and toxic attitude that will have permanent consequences, choose a better life; choose to be happy in every circumstance.

Ash Law Group is a group of professionals dedicated to winning. If You follow our advice and intentionally applying the above principles to Your litigation matter, You will win and improve in all aspects of your life.

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